Everything about the beach says light and casual; luckily for us that translates to hair as well. Even though “beach hair” indicates no fuss, you don’t have to keep to the same style every day. These six hairstyles keep things spiced up with variety while going with the vibe of the sea and sand. Hurricane … Continued


Ahh summer. It’s the season we wait all year to experience. The long days and longer nights give you the sense that anything can happen if you just simply let it. If all this extra daylight has you dazzled, here are fifteen summer bucket list items you need to do NOW! 1.Go to the Beach … Continued


As women of today’s world, we’re bombarded with ways to “feel and look beautiful.” We’re told to do this, wear that, and act a certain way. The best way to feel beautiful though is to do what works best for you and feel good about the you the world sees. If you keep that in … Continued

5 Summer Vacation Packing Tips Every Girl Boss Should Know

There’s something about summer that begets adventure; the long days and warm nights awaken something in us that begs to grab a suitcase and hit the open road, traveling wherever it wants to take you. When summer calls and it’s time to grab your luggage, you don’t want to spend so much time packing that … Continued

Ways To Keep Your High Heels in Tip Top Shape

Every woman dreams of finding that pair of heels; the perfect pair that compliments her figure, draws the outfit together, feels comfortable, and lasts forever. Seems impossible, right? Like you’d a better chance of actually finding the real-life unicorn that inspired the ill-advised Starbucks frappe. But this isn’t just a crazy dream. You can find … Continued

Mother’s Day Gifts From Fleurt Boutique

There’s no need to stress out about a gift for the one woman in your life who has your back no matter what. Make her feel special with these gift ideas for Mother’s Day from Fleurt Boutique. Jewelry from VSA Designs What woman doesn’t love handcrafted, luxury jewelry? Dazzle her with the magical and romantic … Continued

Spring Fashion Must Haves for 2017 From Fleurt Boutique

Spring; the season where the flowers start to bloom, the temperature is on a steady rise, and it’s finally time to break out your sandals and shorts. It’s realization that you’re one step closer to summer, and you can finally start to brighten up your wardrobe. Fashion trends changes each year, so stock up on … Continued

5 Must-Have Photos On Prom Night

Down the road, as you get older, it will become difficult to remember who sat next to you in your high school History class. The truth is, there are only a handful of your high school experiences that you will remember forever and prom night is one of them! You picked out your gown months … Continued

7 Prom Hairstyles You Should Try This Year

7 Prom Hairstyles You Should Try This Year   In high school, prom is one of the most exciting events in all four years of school. Aside from graduation, special awards or events, and everyday memories made with friends, perhaps nothing is more memorable than your prom. From getting ready to attending the actual social … Continued

What Does the Dress Code on That Party Invitation Mean?

So you got an invitation for an upcoming event. In addition to a time, date, and a place, it also came with additional information you might not have been expecting: a dress code. Though not a dated practice, it’s one we don’t always see in today’s times. Which means, when we do come across it, … Continued